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Airbnb Has A Problem – New York

“Sharing” your apartment in New York City just got a whole lot more complicated, with news that New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued a wide-ranging subpoena to Airbnb, demanding information on the fifteen thousand or so city residents who have put their residences up for rent on the Web site. The  James […]

How Dread Pirate Roberts of Silk Road was Caught

Article from Vice. The rise and fall of Silk Road is the stuff of cinema. You’ve got the deep web, a hidden Tor website, illegal drugs, happy customers, some not-so-happy dealers, assassins, forged documents, the Dread Pirate Roberts alias, and, of course, a great unraveling triggered by a number of small, amateur mistakes exploited by a methodical FBI investigation.

Explanation of the Phrase “The Exception Proves the Rule”

From Mental Floss I would argue, however, that “the exception that proves the rule” does more by highlighting the unusualness of the exception. The Mini-Transat, or Adrian Peterson, or a Congress reaching an agreement are not just outside the norm, they are so far outside the norm they force you to notice what the norm […]